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Nepal is still poor under the poorest country regarding the globalization, human civilization and development status of the world. By utilizing and distributing proper resources upliftment of the lifestyle of the local people and increase awareness is not going full-fledged by addressing the basic need of the Nepalese people. In Nepnlese society there is no such improvement and change on the status of women, displaced people, ethnic, dalit, poor and marginalized people. The livelihood of the people in coming years is remaining the same of the past. However, some efforts has been contributing by the governmental and non-governmental sector but actual issues are ...
Message from chairperson

Dear all,
It is my pleasure to inform you that the general convention of Integrated Community Development Forum has entrusted me as chairman. So it is my confidence and assurance that the direct and indirect stakeholders and beneficiaries of this institution have empowered me with great responsibility. I hope and assure you all that the Integrated Community Development Forum will move ahead with new mission and vision with fresh vigor and spirit along prudence conscience. Cooperation and culture of working together .....